Serving & Sharing

Pastor Isaac and Maria Jacobs

Pastor Isaac and Pastora Maria Jacobs a natural born leaders and powerful teachers of God’s Word, has been sharing God’s word for over 18 years. Raised under a preaching family from his childhood under the leadership of his Father and Mother Pastor James and Lady Louise Jacobs, Pastor Isaac Christian foundation was always instilled in him. In 2002 they committed there life to the Lord and begin teaching and holding life groups at Life Center International Church and later he organized a successful life groups.

Pastor’s Isaac and Maria Jacobs has been consistent and faithful working in many areas of the church and thus God has elevated him. They were Assistant Pastors leading and preaching the word of God at Cristo Vive (Christ Lives) International Church in Auburn, WA for 3 years. Many souls have been saved and delivered by there obedience of sharing God’s Word.

Pastor Isaac Jacobs credits his success and constant prayers to his anointed wife Pastor Maria Jacobs who works along side him in ministry.


Serving & Sharing

Pastor James and Lady Louise Jacobs

Pastor James Jacobs, known as a supernatural faith trailblazer and lover of God’s people, has been teaching and preaching the Word Of God for over 28 years.

Pastor Jacobs, a successful businessman, pastor, and entrepreneur has for over three-decades built a multimillion dollar janitorial company which started with only himself and two employees and established one of the fastest growing churches in Washington State beginning with his family and six members.

Ordained and licensed under the leadership of Dr. Leo Charles Brown of True Vine Church of God in Christ. Pastor Jacobs went on to be founder and pastor of The Word of Life Church in Lakewood, WA in 1994. His commitment to leadership, community outreach, and the teaching of Biblical Principles set him apart as one of the leading spiritual leaders of the Lakewood, Tacoma and Seattle area.

After thirty-one years of life and ministry in the Seattle area, God spoke to Pastor Jacobs and said it’s time to come home to Texas. In 2005 Pastor Jacobs and his family sold all they had and headed to Texas following a God-given vision to establish an Interdenominational multicultural church in Kyle, Texas, that would impact the world, impart the word and change lives. A church that would bring to reality the natural vision God has given to reach people for Christ with love. A church that would meet the challenge to produce a caring community of faith that touches hearts, teaches truth, and empowers people to be passionate about finding new ways to build relationships with those who don’t know Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jacobs preaches and teaches the word with clarity, passion, and boldness. His degree of excellence and dedication has shaped him to be effective in serving God’s people.

Pastor Jacobs’ spiritual insight, business practices and successes has gained him a wealth of influence and prestige. He is sought out as a man of distinction and wisdom to speak to Educational Forums, Business Entrepreneurial classes, as well as in community and civic group assemblies.

This Visionary is a man of character, faith, courage, and commitment, who has found favor with God and man. God has given Pastor James Jacobs a vision of building a church where people will be taught the Word of God and given an example of practical holiness, character, and integrity.

Pastor James Jacobs credits his growth and accomplishments to his highly anointed wife, Lady Louise Jacobs, his proud sons Pastor Isaac, Jeremy, James Roy, and Elder John Troy, known as “Double Portion” and a host of partners and friends he has met along the way who have participated in his success.